How to Make Your Office More Productive


Think about your dream office. Perhaps it’s the Google campus or the Nike headquarters. Not only are these two companies great brands and powerful names, but you can only imagine how cool the building and rooms are designed.

When it comes to the work environment, the look, feel and atmosphere can really affect the productivity of the company. Studies have shown (including our own) that employees would rather work in a creative space rather than an all white painted concrete room. A few things that will spice up the office are colors, shaped furniture, greenery and views.

Picking the right color for the office is crucial. Different colors have different emotional affects. Blues promote openness and out of the box thinking, oranges improve concentration, reds are great for an office that works with analytical problems because it enhances attention to detail and greens refresh the mind, body and soul.

IMG_0647Furniture in an office is a given, but it is more important than just durability and comfort. When picking new pieces for the office space, consider the attitudes each piece will admit. Round furniture links to positive emotions, whereas sharp edged furniture is associated with negative or dull emotions. Something as small as a chair or a desk can change the productivity of an employee just because of their attitude.FullSizeRender

The office doesn’t have to be the next Amazon rainforest but adding plants to the office can make a difference. Plants in the work space has proven to lower stress levels. Whether its a small cactus on the corner of a desk or two large leafy plants by the entrance, both additions will leave the office feeling a little less stressful.

IMG_0658Some offices have prime real estate looking over water or the city skyline, others do not. Granted if an office had a view of the Eiffel Tower compared to the view of an industrial parking lot, some may say the Eiffel Tower viewers are more productive. But no matter what is outside the office window, it is essential to have that window. Being able to look outside and imagine yourself outside the cubicle or room that you call your office from 9-5 can recharge an employee’s mind. Seeing trees sway, watching rain fall etc. can spark ideas for projects or just clear the mind from some of the stresses of the day.


Whether its a small color change or a update of furniture, an office such as the Blockchain Centre with something special and unique will not only keep your employees happy, but also your company’s bank account growing.