Per Stirling: Common Interests. Uncommon Results.


Per Stirling Capital Management is an S.E.C.-registered investment advisory firm specializing in holistic financial planning, investment portfolio management, and other comprehensive wealth management services that are as unique and varied as are its clients. However, the cool part about the company is that it’s not for everyone. Driven by the idea of “Common Interests. Uncommon Results,” the company recognizes that “As strange as it may sound, Per Stirling is not for everyone.” It is when clients hit a financial point of success or wealth that it becomes time to find the right partner to help preserve and conscientiously manage these financial affairs – and that is when Per Sterling comes to the rescue.

With this unique approach in mind, HMG Creative took the web design of Per Stirling’s sight as a challenge. For the site design, we implemented a blog platform, content management system, SEO capabilities, ongoing support. Drop-down menus allow for ease of understanding of the difference between its core work of both wealth and portfolio management. The menus underneath “Difference” clearly explain the ways the company adds value to clients’ lives.

All of this design work helps underscore the company’s holistic, transparent, and client-centric approach. The unique aspects of the company’s performance views and perspective are easily understood, as is exactly what services Per Stirling provides. To see the results of the work, head to Per Sterling’s new site.