Pixelwood Derby WIN!


Yesterday was the fourth annual Pixelwood Derby hosted by Sitegoals, an Austin-based creative agency. In the last four years, the classic pinewood derby event has grown drastically, and this year, 29 Austin companies came out to compete including YETI, Favor, Alamo Drafthouse, Capital Factory, Rocksauce Studios, Workhorse and Samba TV.

Last year, our very own Britney Steers brought home the GOLD! She was good, but we knew we had to step up our game because it started to get pretty competitive. This year, Cartha Stewart swept all rounds and we came home with the first-place trophy for speed! Constructing this ever so aerodynamic pinewood derby car was anything but easy. Now that we’ve been unbeatable for two years in a row, the competition is getting hot. We’ve already started scheming for next year and we can’t wait to see what everyone is going to bring to the table.

Each year, the Pixelwood Derby benefits a non-profit in which it donates all proceeds. So far, the Pixelwood Derby has donated proceeds to the Thinkery, The SAFE Alliance and this year proceeds are going to STEMed Labs. STEMed Labs is a local non-profit dedicated to improving science, technology, engineering and math programs for students grades K-12. The goal of the organization is to leverage project resources to increase students’ interest in STEM and challenge them with real-world problems that prepare them to be purpose-driven innovators. For more information click here.