Six Reasons Why Font Matters


In history classes growing up, we’ve studied the importance of the printing press and how it led to a revolution: the rise in literacy rates and the spread of knowledge across the world. More recently, however, we have encountered another revolutionary invention that democratized the digital world and pioneered graphic design. The introduction of the Macintosh computer in 1984 changed the design world forever with its featured font menu. After taking a calligraphy class at Reed College, Steve Jobs understood the importance of typeface and later integrated this feature into his computer. This type menu has transformed design forever and become an integral part of artistic composition. As you devise your branding and marketing efforts, keep in mind the importance font plays in identifying with target audiences, gaining the attention of consumers and creating an image that resonates with them.

Increases brand recognition

Developing brand recognition is the result of an effective marketing strategy. Adopting a unique font will establish an image for your brand that will resonate with your consumers, and ultimately make an impact that they will remember. By utilizing unique font to differentiate your brand from competitors, your target audience will automatically associate that unique font with your brand.

Determines mood

Take Cadillac for example. The iconic calligraphy in the logo creates a mood of luxury and elegance. Without even looking at the cars, we’ve already established a vision. Their use of unique typography helps set the tone for the brand that is perceived by the consumer and transferred to the product or service.

Adds character

Using unique font and typography sets your brand apart from competitors, as well as creates an inaudible voice for your brand. Font is a form of non-verbal communication—it sets the tone and helps tell the overall story of your brand.

Establishes hierarchy

Hierarchy is what guides the eyes of the audience. Effective hierarchy grabs the audience’s attention at specific moments and creates a sense of importance. Emphasis can be established by size, weight, color, style, and placement. Using hierarchy allows you to control the message and how the reader perceives it.

Reinforces consistency

Using the same font throughout all of your work establishes harmony throughout your brand. It exemplifies the overall branding which creates good rapport with your consumers.    

Ensures readability

The most important aspect of marketing is ensuring the intended message is received. When selecting a font, it is important to ensure the font representing your brand is both legible and authentic.

It is no secret that in today’s saturated market, branding is more important than ever. With millennials obsession with design and typography, it is imperative that we put critical thought into each of our font choices. With the invention of the type menu, Steve Jobs put an abundance of fonts at our fingertips—literally. Make the right choice: choose a font that personifies your brand.