It’s Amplify Austin Day!

What is Amplify Austin?

“Amplify Austin Day is the Central Texas region’s day of giving. It is a local generosity movement that connects individuals, families, businesses, and foundations with the causes they are passionate about to create real, lasting change for the local nonprofits that address our most pressing needs.”

For the complete breakdown, check out our Amplify Austin blog from 2019


Amplify Austin Day – Help Raise $10m in 24 Hours

What is Amplify Austin Day?
Amplify Austin Day is a 24-hour period of online giving which connects local non-profits of all causes to local donors through a digital marketplace. This platform provides a fun way for the city to come together to better the community. Over the past five years, Amplify Austin has raised over $35 million for local organizations. This year it aims to raise $10 million in just 24 hours!