Three Webinars for Growing Your Business


Webinars have evolved and become an excellent learning tool, extremely personable outlet for marketers to reach their prospective audiences and helpful in connecting with others in like industries. In the ever-changing industry of digital marketing, continued learning is imperative in order to stay ahead of the game. These three webinars will help you understand the latest trends in marketing and how to integrate them into your marketing plan in order to see tangible results.

Social Media Attribution

Understanding social media analytics is crucial to understanding its return on investment. We know social media is essential to growing our businesses, but how do we attribute its success accurately? Tune into this webinar from HootSuite to learn:

  1. Three ways to approach social media attribution
  2. How major brands are dealing with “dark social”
  3. Tools and techniques to attribute business success to social media activity

The Science of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most complicated practices in digital marketing. The data and algorithms behind it can be confusing and contradictory because they are constantly being updated. This HubSpot webinar breaks down the science of SEO and helps us understand how to optimize our web presence in order to be seen in search engine results. Watch this webinar to learn:

  1. How your customers and prospective leads interact with search engines
  2. How to ensure your website ranks high
  3. How to track SEO efforts
  4. How to tie performance back to dollar amounts

Full-Funnel Attribution

The overall goal of marketing is to drive sales; however, in order to do this, it is critical to understand the full-funnel attribution model. In this AdWeek webinar, learn how to track and link your customers to purchases in order to comprehend the impact of marketing on purchase behavior. Watch this webinar to find out:

  1. A method to unlock full-funnel attribution
  2. Information on customer behavior
  3. How other brands are using this data in their marketing strategies.

As marketers, not only do we want to keep up with the latest trends, we want to get ahead and stay innovative in the marketplace. Webinars are a great way not only to gain a better understanding of the latest techniques but also a great place to brainstorm for your next marketing tactic. Here is a list of resources with an abundance of webinars on business growth that are sure to give you a head start in devising your next business plan.

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