When is it Time to Update Your Brand?


What is a brand?

Before discussing why it is important to update and adapt a brand’s image and message, it is important to understand what a brand is. According to Wikipedia, a brand is defined as “a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of customers.” For our purposes, this definition hits the nail on the head.

Whether owning a business or working for one, the main goal is to generate profit. In order to generate profit, the products or services the company is providing need to attract the right customers. To attract the right customers, it is important to have a specific set of images that stand out in the minds of consumers. The intended effect is that when consumers need the product or service again, they will consider what your company has to offer. In other words, branding is a mixture of a brand’s position, or the set of values projected by the brand, and the consumer’s experience of how the brand has served them in the past.

As times change, brands need to adapt. It is common for changes to target audience, slogan, logo, or brand image to take place. It’s important to connect with your customer’s emotions and desires, because without that relationship, loyal customers will not be made.

Here at HMG Creative, we have helped many companies revamp their efforts to build effective branding. This should be thought of as a facelift, not a transplant. You don’t want to completely change your brand or image to something unrecognizable to your existing customers. However, your goal is to arrive at something fresh and attractive, that keeps pace with the company’s mission in the current market.

Have you felt that your current branding is holding your business back? Maybe your logo has grown dull or looks too much like another company’s. Perhaps your customers have an inconsistent or conflicting perception when asked about your brand. Getting everyone on the same page is the most beneficial thing you can do for your business.

As always, there are different solutions for different needs. However, in many cases HMG Creative generally recommends: creating a new logo, developing email marketing campaigns, reconstructing your message and overall image, and developing plans to debut your new brand to the market. When you partner with HMG Creative, our expertise and efforts are at your disposal, and will be put toward your company’s growth.