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Our Top 4 Brand & Marketing Panels at SXSW


Keeping up with target audiences can be a challenge in today’s world since social media was brought into the mix. This year, South by Southwest is hosting some of the most intelligent brand and marketing specialists. Technology is booming and more fast-paced than ever before, so the demand for insight and guidance has never been greater. At these four panels you will hear directly from industry leaders on how to build your brand, grab your target audience and keep their attention. These events range from beginner to intermediate, and are perfect if you want to delve deep into the newest marketing trends.

Storytelling is an important aspect of marketing that can get lost in today’s mass media takeover. A well-crafted narrative has the opportunity to build relationships and provide new perspectives. When people can relate to ideas framed within an accessible context, they are more likely to respond. Four professionals come together to tell you exactly how to create a compelling story that will entice engagement from your target audience.

Social media allows us to refine the information that we consume, and also to filter out information contrary to our beliefs, in order to validate our own biases. This panel tackles the impact that social media has had on authentic communication and idealism in every aspect of life. So, how can you use this to your advantage when it comes to your brand? The panel will discuss how to stay true to your brand (and quite possibly yourself), while taking full advantage of social media and generating positive outcomes.

You can pump out content and then target, re-target and promote that content all day, every day–but what are the chances that people will actually pay attention and engage with your content? Who would have thought that attention would be measurable? This panel will explain how attention and share of attention go hand-in-hand with advertising and marketing when it comes to keeping your audience interested.

The Antiques Roadshow’s digital and marketing teams come together to share their insights and experiences from marketing their annual events, brand extensions, social series and more. They will discuss the key aspects of marketing, how to develop your brand and keep your audience entertained.

Telling your story is crucial to creating an authentic and unique brand. These four panels will provide insight and share key strategies for developing a unique brand, and successfully marketing that brand to your target audience.