What We’re Thankful For in 2020


2020 has certainly been…eventful. Despite all of the challenges that the year has brought, we still believe that we all have something to be thankful for. 

So, as the holiday season approaches, we asked our team what they were feeling thankful for.

James and Evie

James Trumbly, Founder & Managing Partner

James is thankful for his family, business, the HMG team, and his dog, Evie. He’s also happy to have just made it through 2020.


What Johnny is Thankful For

Johnny Jeffers, Creative Director

Johnny is grateful for his friends and family, as well as the 2020 essentials — Zoom and toilet paper. 


Blaine Is Thankful For

Blaine Bowers, Senior Visual Designer 

Blaine is thankful for his son, and the nice weather that we’ve had throughout the year.


Sarah is Appreciative Of


Sarah Hetrick, Marketing Manager

Sarah is thankful to live in Austin, where the weather is still perfect for getting outside, even during the holiday season. She is also grateful that she will be able to see her family soon. 


John Thankful for Experience

John Paulsen, Brand Strategist

On top of being thankful for his family, his kids, and his wife, John is especially grateful for experience this year. Whether good or bad, he has been able to learn a lot from everything that has happened in 2020.




Becca Miles, Visual Production Designer

Becca is thankful to have found a wonderful job at HMG during a pandemic, and to have grown so much as a professional due to the opportunity. She’s also very grateful to be with her family during this time, and for the health of us all.


Mauro is Thankful

Mauro Lopez, Front-End / Visual Designer

This holiday season, Mauro is thankful for his friends, family, and girlfriend. Despite a crazy year they have all managed to stay healthy and sane. 


Ian is Thnakful for his Dog

Ian Wilson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Ian is thankful for his dog…and his wife, kid, house, and health…but mainly his dog. Those were his words, not mine. 




Cameron Francis, Visual Designer

Cameron is feeling thankful for his girlfriend, his family, and his friends.

Tyler Social Media Marketing

Tyler Gehringer, Social Media & Marketing

Tyler is grateful to be in a new city that he loves, and to have found opportunity here amidst the pandemic. 


The past twelve months have certainly thrown up some unexpected roadblocks, but the team here at HMG has come out on the other side as strong as ever. We are incredibly thankful for all of the businesses that have trusted us as a partner this year, and for all of our team members who have adapted quickly despite constantly shifting circumstances. 

For better or worse, 2020 has been a transformative year for us all. Everything from the way we work to the way we buy our groceries has changed. And while it’s easy to look back and wish things would return to normal, that doesn’t do us much good at the moment. Instead, let’s all look forward to 2021 and put our energy into making it a year full of growth and recovery. 

If your business is looking to hit the ground running next year, contact the HMG team! Whether you need to rebuild your website or beef up your marketing efforts, we’re ready to help you make 2021 your best year yet. 

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