You Won’t Believe What’s Disrupting the Nootropic Industry


By now, you’ve likely encountered the trend toward the use of nootropics, or smart drugs, in Silicon Valley. If you haven’t, Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function, and have become exceedingly popular with developers and executives, specifically as a means for tweaking their own cerebral chemistry. Memory, problem solving, focus, and creativity—are only a few of the key functions enhanced by these substances.

Until now, most nootropic kits on the market were designed for oral consumption, and packaged in a manner consistent with dietary and workout supplements. As anyone who has tried can attest: managing multiple tubs of powder, measuring quantities, and cleaning up spills all add time to what should be a quick, one-step process. This inefficiency is far from ideal, especially for products intended to enhance productivity.

Enter Lirpa—the world’s most innovative nootropic suppository, designed to keep you on your toes as you leverage reclaimed seconds to drive leading-edge thought-readiness. Developed by the nootropic experts at Sloof Labs, the system installs in seconds for turn-key deployment. For actionable regimen monitoring, Lirpa seamlessly syncs with the Sloof app (iOS/Android) for minute-by-minute updates (via group texts).

Still not sure?

  • Seven value-added varieties for end-to-end peak functionality
  • Stay-put torpedo shape prevents shifting with paradigms
  • Bluetooth enabled for contextualized performetrics
  • Scalable synergy gloves for secure-layer roll-out
  • Open-source cloud-ready flatulence mitigation
  • Collaborative blockchain integration schema
  • Robust backend support for end-users
  • Four drink tickets, redeemable at bar

Let’s hear what they’re saying

“Productivity has increased so much in our office, and we’re finally using our standing desks!”

—Natalya, Palo Alto

“My boss told me to get my head out of my ass. So I did!”

—Tim, Austin

“Thanks to the snug fit, all of my breakthroughs are outside of my pants.”

—Sasuke, Mountain View

Time to initiate or get off the pot

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