All About Amplify Austin Day: February 28, 2019


No matter where you are or how you spend your day, there’s nothing quite like coming together as one big community. Although it doesn’t require being president of the HOA or picking up trash along the highway everyday, there are little things that you can do to be an active member of your community. A great way to do this is by giving back to the local nonprofits that strive to make Austin a better place to live every single day. Living in Austin, there are more than enough local nonprofits to help out! Amplify Austin is a single digital platform that allows you to donate to the local nonprofits that interest YOU. Whether you’re an animal lover or an advocate for better education, there are over 700 nonprofit organizations that need your help.

What is Amplify Austin?

Started by the nonprofit organization I Live Here I Give Here in 2013, Amplify Austin strives to make Austin a community that is built on giving back to its community. The platform allows an easy way to match your interests with local nonprofits so that you can donate to specific causes that matter to you. Plus, all donations are 100% tax deductible! Basically, the organization makes it easy to give back to your community through donating, volunteering, fundraising, and more.

What is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day is a 24-hour window that is essentially the prime time to donate to your favorite local nonprofits. During this time period, every donation that you make to a participating nonprofit will be matched by the generous donors at Amplify. That means that your nonprofits will be receiving DOUBLE the amount that you’re donating. Throughout the previous six years, Amplify Austin Day has raised over 45 million dollars to local nonprofits! Amplify Austin Day is THE day you want to donate and get your friends & family to donate!

When is Amplify Austin Day?

This year, Amplify Austin will be February 28 6:00 PM – March 1 6:00 PM. Don’t miss out!

How you can participate:

  1. Go to Amplify Austin’s website.
  2.  Search for a specific nonprofit organization or search for a category that you’re interested in.
  3.  Donate to as many nonprofits as you want!
  4.  Spread the word to your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone you know and get them involved!

Yes, it’s really that easy!

How can I help throughout the year?

Although Amplify Austin Day is the prime time to donate, there are various ways that you can help our your local nonprofits throughout the year! Amplify Austin provides opportunities such as:

  • setting up automatic monthly/quarterly donations
  • becoming a fundraiser 
  • getting your business to become a business fundraiser
  • making single donations throughout the year to your nonprofits

Who should we donate to?

Austin Clubhouse

Austin Clubhouse provides a safe and supporting environment for those that are struggling with their mental health by providing hope, mentorship, and support to those in need. 

Learn More 

Austin Pets Alive!

Austin Pets Alive prides itself on being more than just an ordinary animal shelter by providing innovative solutions to decrease the amount of animals that are put down each year.

Learn More 

Texas 4000

Texas 4000 battles cancer with a 4000+ mile bike ride that starts in Austin and finishes in Anchorage. Each year, students and other leaders come together on this bike ride to raise money for cancer.

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Austin Parks Foundation

Austin Parks Foundation is dedicated to preserving the beautiful parks that make Austin the city that we love through activating, engaging, and investing in programs that encourage park sustainability.

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Settlement Home for Children

The Settlement Home for Children provides a nurturing environment for children who have been neglected, abused, or otherwise not provided a safe place to grow. It provides the resources that they need in childhood to excel in adulthood including shelter, food, education, community, counseling, and more.

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Want to learn more about Amplify Austin? Check out their website and see what else you can do to help out your Austin community: