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And That’s a Wrap: A Summary of Stacey’s Internship


After eight great months, my time has come to an end as the HMG Creative Social Media and Marketing Intern. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on and contribute to a variety of different projects for HMG and before I say my final goodbye, I’d like to share with you what I’ve accomplished during my time here:

Client Projects
During the first few months of my internship, I dove straight into client highlights which just so happened to be featuring two of our biggest clients, OneStar Foundation and Precision Stock Picks.  Although these two companies participate in extremely different industries, we conducted the same type of work for the both of them–web development and redesign.  After this work was complete, I assisted in drafting blog posts, social media promotion, and even helped in producing press releases that were pitched to local media outlets highlighting the launch of their awesome new websites.  Take a look at these best welding helmet reviews but also at this project summaries and the several other client features I produced by clicking on the blog links below:

HMG Blog Management
Another of my main responsibilities was to manage the HMG Creative blog.  This included anything from editing and scheduling content to brainstorming some of my own topics to contribute to the blog.  Some of these personally drafted posts included The New Hot Commodity: Instagram and Workin’ on WordPress.

Not only did I focus on organizing the HMG’s blog initiatives, I also was assigned the task to reach out to industry experts in hopes that they would be able to contribute their knowledge as an HMG Guest Blogger

12 Days of HMG Christmas

Ah, the infamous 12 Days of Christmas campaign.  This, I am very proud to say, was my first ever real campaign to plan and execute pretty much on my own (of course I had a lot of help from my awesome co-workers!).  The purpose of this campaign was to provide our audience with industry advice with a holiday-spirited theme.  The campaign gave me a chance to work closely with the HMG Crew and was so rewarding to see the finished product!

“Share the Love” Campaign

This social media campaign was so much fun to work on and I am excited to say I had a hand in HMG’s first ever, donations-based campaign!  Overall, the campaign was a huge success and gave me more valuable campaign experience to carry with me throughout my public relations career.  Oh, and a fun fact: my sorority, TriDelta, supports St. Jude annually as their national philanthropy so it was great to contribute in another way to a wonderful cause.

Miscellaneous Projects
In addition to the main projects I mentioned above, I performed a variety of other tasks during my time at HMG.  Of course, I focused daily on the HMG social media accounts.  Looking for interesting stories to post or just fun quotes to retweet.  I also drafted up a variety of different email series and newsletters.  It was so rewarding to see this appear in my inbox and know that I had hand in their creation.  I ended my time here focusing on the creation of the new text for the new HMG Website (coming soon, so be on the lookout)!

As you can see, my internship encompassed a variety of tasks, projects, campaigns and a whole lot of writing.  It was such a great experience and leaving here, I am very confident to embark on this newest chapter of my life I’d like to title, “The Professional Life of Stacey Donelan.”  I’d like to give a big thanks to the HMG Crew for the support and knowledge you’ve bestowed upon me.  And who knows, maybe somewhere in the near future, I’ll be asked to contribute my industry expertise to the HMG Blog!  Until next time….Hook ‘Em!