Introducing: Our New Office Journey


No matter how long your business has been around, nothing is quite as rewarding as watching your company grow right before your eyes. Whether it’s in number, success, or space, all types of developments are an indication that your company is becoming closer to becoming everything you’ve envisioned and more.

Here at HMG, as our company expands, we love being able to see how our services help more businesses, just like ours, grow and succeed. This year is an exciting year for the HMG team because not only have we seen our growth through our achievements, but we also began developments to move into a whole new space! With our company’s growth, we thought it only fit to find a new home for the HMG fam to bring out the best work for our clients.

So how is our new office coming along? We’ll give you the inside scoop on our new office’s latest updates:

Step 1:  The Location






One of the most important factors when choosing the location was to keep the commute to work as short as possible for our team members. This made the parameters for the location a little bit smaller but it was definitely worth the search. Ideally, we wanted to keep the location in between the three highways (Mopac, 290, and 35) and the river. Finally, we found the perfect spot nestled right on the corner of Lamar and Oltorf.


Step 2: Buildout 







After a couple of months, we got our building permit approved and started the official buildout! Our idea for the new office is to have an open concept, allowing our team to have plenty of space to let their creative juices flow. We were super excited to finally get the building underway and see some real progress!


Step 3: The Vision







As the building starts to look more and more like the anticipated office, we are excited to share our vision for HMG’s new home. Our Founder, James Trumbly, describes the new aesthetic as a “creative industrial” look with a 900 sq. foot mezzanine. “Subway tiles, concrete floors, vinyl flooring in the mezzanine. Bright, vibrant, open-floor concept with plenty of room for growth.”

The big idea for the new office is to create a productive, enjoyable working environment for the whole HMG crew – an open office to reinforce the idea of transparency, creativity, and constant communication. With a big space where the team can all work together, we believe this new office will make work seem a little less like work. We’re so excited to share this new project with everyone and truly thank everyone for following in HMG’s journey! With our new office, we hope that our work will only get better and better.


Update 7/10/19







We’re excited to share the latest update on the build-out! This week, sheetrock has gone up, the ceilings are painted, and the walls are primed for color. Check back next week to see more progress!

Update 7/11/19







The crew’s onsite today taping and floating. Painting should be finished early next week!

Update 7/30/19







Exciting progress happening at our new building! Walls painted, floors in… it’s starting to look like a real office!

Update 8/6/19: Almost there!







We’re getting closer and closer! Only a few last touches and our building will be move-in ready. Let the count-down begin!