Purpose: You Should Give a Sh*t


“Purpose Driven Creative” – We say that to clients all the time. We discover, design and develop with a client’s core purpose as our compass.

Honestly, most clients don’t really care. No seriously, many don’t give two shits about the purpose behind their brand culture, their web presence, or their marketing strategy. I’ve sat in plenty of meetings with great people who don’t understand the idea of purpose as it relates to their business. I’ve spent countless pitch calls defining the difference between brand identity/logo colors and a comprehensive brand strategy. Most don’t get it.  

Don’t give two shits?  I LOVE CLIENTS LIKE YOU! 

You see, for five years I didn’t get it. I was once a successful entrepreneur – by sweat and luck, not by purpose. Looking back, I’m amazed we made it. A trusted friend, my co-founder, showed me that the business we started really was started with a purpose. In the beginning, though, I was just too focused on payroll and growth to see it.

I like to view clients here that way, cutting them some slack and understanding that most business owners are caught in the swirl like I was. The old saying “we are always selling” really is true. So when it comes time for our initial conversations, I just long blink, focus, and hope I say the right thing in the meeting. I hope we reach clients. I hope we make them feel comfortable enough to take off their selling hat for five seconds and remember the reason deep down WHY they started the business they work so hard in.

No one quits their steady job to start a business just for the money – no one. There is always a greater purpose. Many, like myself, are too embarrassed to say they started something because they “felt this way about something” or because “they wanted to serve people.”

THAT is the joy I find here at HMG Creative.  

We get to help clients discover more than just a strategy or culture for their brand, more than a marketing plan and implementation, more than a new website, more than digital ad management. We help them understand their purpose again. There’s no greater joy than seeing the light turn back on for clients. When you remember your true purpose for existence, everything that follows is magical.

Do you remember your purpose? 




The bottom line is this: these days almost anyone can drop a refresh on a website, whip up some persona data and roll with a half-ass strategy. However, unless all of that is driven by purposeful decisions and your brand’s “why,” you will fail. Yes, you stubborn ROI chasers – you have an underlying purpose. Let us help you find it again. It will motivate you and your team.