Shopping Without a Basket: How E-Commerce Is Shaping The Consumer Experience


When is the last time you have walked into a store just to try on that shirt and redeem the coupon you received via email last month? The last time you’ve checked the reviews on that electronic you’ve been anticipating for a year, just to wait in line for 6 hours on the day it is released at Best Buy? Is it that we are becoming more impatient and comfortable with a screen controlling our purchases? Or could it be that buying online is the most efficient and economical option for today’s society?

Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at Webmastersjury, has worked to compile valuable research and statistics on the changing environment and experience of modern-day consumers. Online shopping has dramatically changed our expectations of buying goods and services by altering the construct of our relationship with providers of these products.

The numbers in this infographic go to show just how ease, centrality, and comparison features have edged out the advantages of in-store shopping. Dive into the reasons behind consumers’ purchasing preferences as analyzed from divisions of age and gender, and further understand what industries are being most heavily impacted by e-commerce.

Although each individual may have their preference, it seems as though shopping is evolving into another industry in which outsourcing human action to machinery has become more and more popular. Courses from drop ship lifestyle – learn Shopify Drop Shipping may be useful if you haven’t mastered the skill of online shopping yet. People have once again resorted to placing responsibility on technology since the perceived costs of travel and browsing time involved in traditional exchange seem to outweigh the benefits. As these trends have been observed all over the world, we must be aware that going to the grocery store to buy that loaf of bread, might soon not look so much like it did when we were kids.


Do you feel like e-commerce is the future of the producer-consumer relationship? Do you prefer to shop online or in store? Tell us your thoughts below!