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Reasons To Be Thankful For Digital


It is indisputable that the digital industry has made a huge impact on our daily lives. From connecting us with our peers to creating more job opportunities, the digital industry has revolutionized the way society functions. As Thanksgiving approaches it is important to reflect on the blessing in your life. At HMG Creative, one of the things we’re thankful for is digital marketing—here’s a list of reasons why.

Measurable Results

Compared to traditional media, digital marketing campaigns are easily measured using tangible metrics. We know when our campaigns are working and can spend our marketing budget more effectively by investing in media with the most ROI. Analytics allows us to view the ways in which our consumers are interacting with our advertisements, social media pages, and websites and optimize our marketing efforts in order to effectively reach our audience.

Meaningful Connections With Our Audience

Connecting with audiences has never been easier. Digital marketing has allowed brands to engage with their consumers and be more identifiable. The rise of social media has allowed brands to be authentic with who they are and build a true brand identity. Social media has helped brands differentiate themselves and stand out in the marketplace by making deeper connections with their consumers.

Accurate Targeting

With the help of Facebook targeting, marketing has never been more specific to an audience. It is now possible to set narrow parameters for a specific audience you want to reach. This allows your campaigns to be seen by the people it is most relevant to, which ensures your marketing budget is not going to waste.

Campaign Adaptability

Digital marketing has allowed advertising campaigns to be more adaptable in real time. With the click of a button current results can be measured, messages can be edited, and audiences can be narrowed in order to obtain better results.

Social Media

The power of social media is no secret, in fact, HubSpot proposes that social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Word of mouth has become a huge part of social media with influencers and audiences helping communicate brands messages. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever to stay competitive without having to spend large amounts of money.

More Space For Creativity

The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital media. With a variety of platforms and abilities, creativity knows no bounds with design, content and Web Development. We are no longer set to the limitations of traditional media and are able to activate our campaigns at more touchpoints.

Smaller Budget

As we’ve stated many times already, digital has made marketing more affordable and effective. Specifically, sales for B2B have increased significantly with digital marketing—meaning we’re not just spending less money, we’re making more. Digital marketing has also made it possible to advertise for free using SEO, social media, and content marketing. This has made a huge impact on both small and large businesses, allowing both to gain more visibility for less of their budget.

Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing is headed toward strictly being inbound. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting clients to you simply by offering them something of value. Clients are now viewing your social media and blog posts to learn something about their business. Inbound marketing helps you form more trusting relationships with your clients by educating them on topics your business is an expert on. The practice of inbound marketing is non-intrusive and creates valuable relationships on both sides.

Increased Innovation

The digital marketing industry is flourishing, with no signs of slowing down. Digital marketing budgets have increased drastically over the past couple of years and the ROI has been impeccable. As technology continues to evolve, companies are racing to stay at the forefront and new jobs are being created every day for specialized positions.

Whether you love or hate the internet, there’s no denying it’s power to market businesses. It has never been easier to market your business and see immediate results. Whether it’s keeping you connected to your peers, or establishing meaningful relationships with your consumers, there is no denying what an impact the digital world has made on our lives and the opportunities it has created. We all have something to be thankful for when it comes to digital marketing.