Our Top 5 2018 SXSW Brand & Marketing Panels: What’s Changing the Game?


As we all know, SXSW is just around the corner, which means expansive opportunities for the exchange of new ideas, the introduction of multiple industry advancements and crowds of the biggest and brightest innovators of our day and age. Keeping up with the constant stream of developing media and technology can be a big task. Fear not. This time around, we’re bringing you the top 5 panels that will aid in staying on the cutting edge of branding and marketing. Learn what makes these some of the most instrumental topics for the future of our industry.

1. I’ve Got No Screens: Internet’s Screenless Future
Christopher Ferrell
March 10, 9:30-10:30
Hearing more and more programmed voices with abilities to outsource information from the web at a fast and furious pace? The rise of chatbots and how to embrace the screenless internet. How we can adapt to the loss of visual content and alter methodology of marketing to align with the coming day of zero screens.

2. How to Tell a 6-Second Story: Advertising’s Future (video advertising)
Geoff White, Tanya Dua, Janice Suter, Marwan Soghaier
March 11, 3:30-4:30
Video advertising is becoming the preferred method of many brands, large and small. Who is utilizing it in the most creative ways and how we can not only connect with viewers but make a lasting impression on them with only 6 seconds.

3. Innovation Fatigue: Tech Content In A Noisy World
Melanie Deziel, Evie Nagy, Ann Rubin, Stephanie Losee
March 12, 11:00-12:00
Marketing technology in appealing ways can get a bit banal and vague as we continue on the track of perpetual invention and improvement. These four women join forces to bring you the best strategies for making content communicable for the average joe, new formats for tracking trends and ways for content producers to understand future technology.

4. Why Engaging With Politics is Critical For Brands
Latia Curry
March 13, 11:00-12:00
In the past, brands have been restricted from expressing views on controversial issues and encouraged to keep subjects that may limit their audience spread to a minimum. Our social climate has flipped this theory on its head, leaving many marketing professionals to wonder why and how to appropriately take a stance regarding issues that matter the most to their brands. Hear why politics matter more than ever.

5. Chatbots and Robots Give Rise to The “Human” Brand
Lucas Watson
March 14, 2:00-3:00
How marketing, advertising, and the greater digital sphere is dealing with the chatbot invasion. Technology’s turn towards humanlike connection and the need for brands to do the same. Learn how to humanize interaction with your target audiences.

Constant advancement calls for constant adaptability and ingenuity. These panels are sure to broaden your knowledge about the products and methods changing marketing practices as well as teach you how to develop successful strategies to embrace these changes. Stay savvy and happy South By!