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An Update on Pageless Design


Awhile back, we wrote a blog post about Pageless Design. Now, as promised, you’re getting more information about the growing trend. In case you missed my last post, Pageless Design is a type of web design that encapsulates an entire site’s data into one seamless webpage. It’s compelling to visitors because it tells a story while simultaneously being visually pleasing. While not appropriate for every website, Pageless Design is perfect for startups, freelancers, small retailers and those selling a single product or service, such as a chef or author.

Further Benefits of Pageless Design

As mentioned in my blog post, Pageless Design sites are lookin for trendy company names and can be viewed easily on any device, whether you’re using a tablet, smartphone or desktop—in other words, they’re responsive. If you haven’t heard the increasing buzz about responsive design, here’s a fantastic article to fill you in about the popular format.

Furthermore, Pageless Design sites typically have a lower entry point because there are fewer pages to create—that being said, the low entry point is dependent upon whether it is appropriate for your site to utilize Pageless Design. If, as I mentioned previously, you are a large corporation, Pageless Design isn’t a sensible format for you. Furthermore, Pageless Design sites typically garner higher conversion rates, which is one of the most important metrics to consider when building a website. Conversion rates measure how many people are engaging in your online community, how many people are invested in your products and services; essentially, how many people are going beyond simply clicking on your website and glancing over it.

Now, without further ado (and in case you’re still confused as to what exactly this whole Pageless Design thing is all about), here are a couple of sample websites that utilize Pageless Design. We can’t take credit for them, but they’re pretty awesome!

Four Hour Chef
The Lean Startup

As you may have noticed, each of these examples features a one-page, sleek design in which all of the site’s information is on the first page. On both sites, clicking links automatically scrolls you to another point on that page, rather than taking you to a completely separate page. Both sites—owned by a chef and a startup company, respectively—are ideal candidates for Pageless Design because they each have a minimal amount of data to put on their websites.

Hopefully, the concept of Pageless Design is clearer to you now and you understand why it’s becoming so popular for so many people.