Saying “I Do” Over Zoom


The Show Must Go On

Daniel and Emma long-awaited their big day. They planned to marry on March 28, 2020, and they did! Two weeks before, they made the decision to postpone their wedding, but as the days went on, they both realized that they still wanted to get married. Daniel himself said, “Nothing reminds you that life is short like a worldwide pandemic.”

Both of them were eager to go on with their wedding. They decided to host their ceremony virtually through Zoom, which presented a challenge as there were some “generational technology differences” in the family. They spent a lot of the week teaching five people with an age range of 79-93 how to use the service and then did a trial run with some of their family on the Friday before the wedding.

The Silver Lining

Of course, there was some sadness that came with not being able to have all their loved ones gathered together in person. However, Daniel and Emma’s families offered the greatest support and reminded them that this was the right thing to do.

Daniel says he’s grateful for how smoothly the virtual ceremony went. Even with the uncertainty of technology’s reliability, the internet connection remained strong the entire time. Perhaps it’s indicative of the even stronger connection that brought them together!

The best part about all of this? Emma’s father officiated the ceremony!

Now, with a flawless Zoom ceremony recording, Daniel and Emma can remember every moment of their special day forever — a true silver lining!


The newlyweds are currently enjoying quality time at home together and adjusting to calling each other “husband” and “wife.” When this is all over and done with and the world is (somewhat) back to normal, the Prices will be ready for their first outing as a married couple to share a meal at Red Ash Italia and enjoy some live music.

The world may be on hold for now, but there’s one thing we know for sure: even a pandemic can’t stop true love.

The rest of the team at HMG Creative wishes Daniel and Emma a long and happy life together. We admire your resilience and positivity through this tough time. You both have inspired us all to stay hopeful for better days to come. Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Price!