Website Monster Mash


It’s about time to stock up on candy and deck the house with the spookiest of decor. However, before the monsters come knocking at your door, make sure there aren’t some already hiding in plain sight–haunting your website!

These eight classic Halloween monsters may very well be creeping up on your visitors and devouring their impressions of your company or brand:


The last thing you want is your website sucking the life out of your visitors’ bandwidth. Slow loading videos and graphics are horrible and annoying. Before publishing new content on your site, make sure everything you create has been web optimized. This will ensure that content loads quickly, and improves a visitor’s overall experience.


Speaking of content, make sure it’s relevant. Dead content hanging around is like a zombie, clinging to its last shred of life. Avoid leaving things that are no longer true or relevant on your page. Relevance also affects your search engine score, so keep the site updated and pare away any rotten content to attract fresh visitors!


Visitors like knowing how to contact the company. Make this information clear by placing the location of the office, as well as email addresses and phone numbers, at the bottom of your page. You may also desire a dedicated Contact Us page, which is a great way to provide more detailed information, such as business hours or employment opportunities, without bogging down your main page.


Don’t ward visitors away from your content by making it difficult to reach. If your company has something good to share, remove unnecessary obstacles to help visitors find it! Optimize their path to reduce the amount of clicks. Realistically, few will spend more than 60 seconds on a website before leaving.


Display things the way they are. There is no need to embellish something in a way that will let the client down. Keeping your content and services closely aligned with each other reduces confusion and fosters trust.

Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper suddenly grabs all attention, and so do pop-ups. Although pop-ups can be a great marketing tool, overuse can be annoying, which is probably not what you hope for visitors to associate with your brand. Pop-ups also prohibit the user from moving forward, and should only be applied sparingly, if at all.


An attractive website is key, but don’t go overboard. Too much color, too much content, or too many tabs can overwhelm visitors, and make the brand seem disorganized. Leave the theatrics to the clowns and keep your site simple yet classy. Show the company attitude without going to the extreme.


Go easy on the technical terms if your audience is not as knowledgable about the industry. A website composed of dry jargon will turn off a client faster than a Robot’s power switch. Know your audience and speak their language.

Monster Mash Wrap Up

If any of these monsters are appearing on your website and you need help extinguishing them, call HMG Creative. Whether you need faster loading web pages, rewritten content, website development or a general audit, we are the monster busters you need.

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