The Ultimate Guide to Austin’s Best Museums & Galleries

Explore Austin’s Best Museums & Galleries

Nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State, the eclectic city of Austin has long been regarded as a cultural oasis, attracting artists, creatives, innovators, and history-makers from around the world. To commemorate International Museum Day, we give you HMG Creative’s guide to the city’s best art, science, and history museums across Austin; featuring one-of-a-kind galleries and cultural landmarks that keep Austin weird. Join us on our journey through Austin’s artistic and historic gems to find your next day-trip destination.



AI and Design: How to Evolve Alongside AI

Evolving with AI in the Design Community

As generative AI advances allowing ChatGPT to write copy in a matter of seconds and Midjourney to create a product mock-up in a blink, it’s understandable why designers everywhere are worried about their jobs. Although AI becomes more powerful each day it’s important to understand that there are aspects of design that will always need a human touch. After all, AI still can’t figure out how many fingers humans have and continues to generate 14-fingered handshakes! To see AI as a tool rather than a threat we have to understand where artificial intelligence excels and where it falls short. Design jobs will be safe and even more efficient as long as designers can evolve alongside AI rather than get left in its flawlessly rendered dust. 


The Three Flavors of Instagram Accounts

The Three Flavors of Instagram Accounts: Personal, Business, and Creator

Instagram is one of the most essential social media tools you can leverage for your business. With over 2.35 billion active monthly users and 6.32% of the world’s population hopping on the app daily, Instagram is the key to unlocking a larger market than you ever knew was possible. Nevertheless, the effectiveness of Instagram as a tool comes down to how a business uses its profile, starting off at the most basic level- the type of account your business has. When it comes to account types, we like to think of them as 3 distinct flavors. A Personal Account is basic vanilla, a Business Account is chocolate, and a Creator Account serves as a chocolate vanilla swirl. Let’s dive into the features that distinguish each flavor and how to decide which type is best for your business.


Welcome Our New Senior Visual Designer, Chris Cortez!

We asked Chris to tell us about himself

I am a Texas native through and through! I grew up and spent most of my life in sunny Corpus Christi, but in 2015 I was itching for a change of scenery and relocated to Austin. My design career kick-started during an internship way back in 2011, where I was thrown into the deep end and got my hands dirty working on everything from print to digital to broadcast media. I must’ve done something right because they ended up offering me a full-time position, and the rest is history!