Cannes Lions 2018: The Campaigns for Change

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world’s biggest event for the creative, marketing, entertainment, design and tech industries. Held every year in the South of France, the five-day festival includes talks, workshops, networking events, classes and also incorporates the awarding of the ‘Lions Awards’. The Lions are the most prestigious and established awards in the creative and marketing communications industries – a trophy is the ultimate achievement and puts winners among the world’s elite.


6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Run Adwords PPC Campaigns

What is Google Adwords PPC?
For those who are unfamiliar with this type of online advertising, Adwords is a platform that allows you to show ads above Google search engine results. You choose a set of keywords and Google will show your ad to people who searched those words. The beauty of this particular platform is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on it (Pay-Per-Click).


Tips for Maximizing Your Social Media Presence this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is over, and as we skyrocket toward Christmas, it can be difficult to make your voice heard among the clamor of holiday advertising. Online shoppers get bombarded by thousands of advertising campaigns each day, and many of those are dropped into their Facebook newsfeeds or plastered across their Pinterest walls.

A great sale might not be enough to get you noticed among the festivities this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of options. By getting your creative juices flowing and capitalizing on the holiday spirit, you can make your social media campaign stand out in the midst of all the distractions.


ParcelyPaid Launches!

HMG is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest client project,, which gave us the exciting opportunity to be a part of the growing crowdfunding craze, from the ground-up. ParcelyPaid is a startup that takes its own spin on crowdfunding and came to us almost a year ago for web development and design.

Parcely Paid, as the tagline “Real Friends Chip in” implies, is your personal platform to promote and raise cash to get the that you really want on your birthday. HMG Creative built out the membership-based site, enabled week-long campaigns leading up to a user’s birthday, integrated eConnect Email for email marketing and, of course, seamlessly set up PayPal for the ease of donating (and accepting) funds also offering tips for transferring structured settlement.

Make sure ugly sweaters, random gift cards and last season’s technology doesn’t happen to you. Move over Kickstarter, not everyone has an entrepreneurial venture, but we all have birthdays. Check out ParcelyPaid and the launch video here.

Website Screenshots

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